Training program for operators and technologists

Published On: September 4th, 2017Categories: Uncategorized

In order to provide our business partners with a comprehensive offer at the Nomis Ltd. headquarters, we opened the “Nomis Tech-Center” where the latest generation of injection molding machines and peripheral equipment is placed.

In this educational and exhibition salon, unique in Croatia and the region, we offer our customers a complete service of consulting, presentation of the Arburg injection molding machines, Moretto, Green Box, Rapid, Virginio Nastri peripheral equipment and the possibility of technical training for operators and technologists.

The training program lasts 5 business days with a total of 40 hours of theoretical and practical teaching; lectures, working on the injection molding machine, and optimization of robot work. The maximum number of participants per group is 10, and there is the possibility of organizing smaller groups, as well as individual education.

The training of operators in the “Nomis Tech-Center” covers the following topics:

  1. Injection molding technology
  2. Review of polymer injection molding materials and their characteristics
  3. Injection mold forms and techniques
  4. Types and designs of “Arburg” injection molding machines and their application
  5. Applying peripheral devices to “Arburg” injection molding machines
  6. Parameters related to setting the “Arburg” injection molding machines
  7. Description of the system “Arburg selogica direct”
  8. Serving and adjusting the “Arburg” injection molding machines controlled by the “selogica direct” system
  9. Protection systems and measures at the “Arburg” injection molding machines, related to safe operation and service
  10. Manipulators “Arburg – multilift select” and their application
  11. Creating user programs for manipulators “Arburg – multilift select”
  12. Practical training of operators on the “Arburg” injection molding machine equipped with the “multilift select” manipulator with the aim of improving the technological process and controlling product and process quality.

After processing all of the above, the participants with the lecturer go through the entire curriculum in an open conversation, afterwards they access the written test of knowledge independently. Each trainee receives a script that covers all the theoretical part of the training program. After a written exam, each student gets a certificate.

Master and trainer of the training program is Stjepan Vrhovec.

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