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GraphMIM 2000G

Elnik’s GraphMIM 2000G series furnaces process any iron based metal with any binder in a one-step second stage debind and sinter cycle without having to move the parts. This is accomplished through the use of a Graphite retort with calibrated gas distribution across all of the individual parts. The gas management system consists of a mass flow controller for the work zone and a partial pressure valve at the specially designed and modified dry vacuum pump. The even gas flow across the shelves guarantees very close temperature control resulting in excellent temperature uniformity throughout the usable work zone of the furnace. The construction of the Elnik Systems furnace ensures, that the parts are fully debound through the even gas flow during the debind cycle and sintered to full density through the close temperature uniformity during the sinter cycle.

  • one-step debinding and sintering cycle
  • computerized controls
  • 6 temperature control zones inside the furnace

Furnace Usable retort size Usable volume (L) No. of shelves Total load area Pump speed
GraphMIM 2002 G-50 292×305×610 mm
11.5×12×24 inch
54 10 0.93 m²
1,440 sq in
85 m³/h
50 CFM
GraphMIM 2045 G-50 395×460×610 mm
15.5×18×24 inch
110 40 2.40 m²
3,720 sq in
85 m³/h
50 CFM
GraphMIM 2009 G-115 394×460×1220 mm
15.5×18×48 inch
220 80 4.80 m²
3,720 sq in
195 m³/h
115 CFM

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